Transform People's Lives While Building A Lucrative Lifestyle Business For Yourself
  • How you can utilise your skills and experience to build something of your own.
  • Why Self-Employment could be your vehicle to liberation.
As a Knight Franchises Consultant you get to follow a tried and tested formula for helping people change careers into franchising, while simultaneously building a lucrative lifestyle business for yourself that can fit around your other passions, hobbies and interest. 

In this prospectus, we introduce you to the world of franchising, how franchises operate and why franchising can be a great option for those considering a career change. We help you understand our business model, the costs and earning potential and provide real-world case studies.

A Knight Franchises Consultant presents franchising as an alternative career option to professionals who are looking to make a career change. 
In This Prospectus, You’ll Learn:
  • The Knight Franchises business model.
  • The costs and earning potential for becoming a Knight Franchises Consultant.
  • Real-world case-studies 
  • The next steps to take if you're interested in becoming a Knight Franchises Consultant
  • An introduction to the world of franchising.
  • Why franchising can be a great alternative career option.
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